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Dare. Dream. Deliver.


We love what we do. We do what we love. That's the simple mantra behind all that we do here at BitZenith. We don't call ourselves designers or developers. We are simply a bunch of passionate professionals, specialized in our domain and dedicated to delivering highest quality.

BitZenith has been in business for the past 3 years. We have been very fortunate to have successfully delivered several projects across Europe within this span of time. We have forged awesome relationships with our European clients. We hope to continue doing the same in years to come.

We sincerely want to know if you are happy with us. Our clients are the bloodline of our business and we genuinely care what you think about us. A new partnership is as much precious to us as a long-lasting one.

We try our best to get as much feedback as we can from you in almost all aspects of our job. We assure you, we would go every step of the way with you until you are satisfied. We have incorporated a framework where every feedback is gratefully accepted, discussed upon within our team and taken up as a steeping stone on the path of continuous improvement.

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The best product is the most unique one. We believe in delivering services which are based on the fundamentals of an idea. An idea which solves a thousand problems with a single click. An idea which manages zillion bytes of data with the smallest repository. If you have an idea, we bring it to life. If you don’t, we provide you you one. If you have a cooked one, we’ll cook, garnish and serve it for you. Trust our IDEATORS. Yes, that what we pride ourselves in. Let us make you proud too.


Now that the product concept is fully cooked and ready to serve, let us invite the important guest to dinner – YOU. We believe no product is complete without the involvement  of the client at every phase of development and delivery. We know you are the most important stakeholder  in the whole process and hence we try to engage you in whichever way possible -whether its in the brainstorming during conceptualisation, change requests during continuous delivery or quality assurance and independent validation.


Every project is a FIRST for us. We design a website with the same creative enthusiasm we had during the first one. We develop an shopping cart with the same attention to detail we had in the first one. We take pride in the fact that every single one our developers   is an expert in a particular area – be it UX, CMS or QA. We like to maintain our quality and standards as much as we can – delivering the best possible solution without comprising even the most challenging needs and the requirements of our clients.


A perfect product is our greatest reward. Every shippable product that leaves our network is a perfect one – having gone through several stages of testing and quality control. Be in unit testing for individual modules, system integration testing for the final product or regression testing for every subsequent change requests – every  product goes through a rigorous quality assurance process. We don’t rest till we deliver a 100 % bug-free solution.

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