6 types of sites you can build with WordPress web design services

WordPress is a very popular CMS. Even schoolchildren probably heard about it. Well-known sites like blog.us, playstation.com, blog.ebay.com, www.sonymusic.com and many others are created with wordpress web design services.

WordPress is a free system and anyone can choose to install it on their hosting. WordPress provides the ability to create a site for every taste, the amount of resource created on this platform is quite high. In the article, we will discuss why bloggers choose wordpress web design services and who else can choose it as the basis for their project.

Advantages of WordPress for blogs

Most users, who first learn about the platform WordPress, get to know it as a content management system for blogs. Indeed, WordPress has a number of advantages with respect to blogs. Why do bloggers choose WordPress?

  • Ease of learning: Those people who have minimal knowledge in programming, HTML, CSS, and PHP (or do not have them at all) can create own blogs on WordPress platform and quickly master it. Since WordPress is a very popular system, a lot of books and articles have been written about it, whole sites and forums have been created about how to properly configure and work with it. Therefore, if necessary, you can always find the answer to any interesting question by driving your query into the search bar.
  • Free: WordPress is a free system that is freely available for download on the Internet for anyone. Of course, there are some plug-ins and themes that are paid. But these are all additional services. For using WordPress itself, you will not have to pay.
  • A huge number of templates. WordPress web design services offers a large selection of themes for every taste, and thanks to this you can make your blog exactly the way you want it. All themes are easily customizable and most of them allow you to change individual elements: backgrounds, colors of individual blocks, logos, menus, sliders and so on. Therefore, to make a beautiful site on WordPress – the task is not the most difficult.
  • Ability to use multiple plug-ins. Official WordPress site offers almost 35 thousand various plug-ins for download. If you have enough standard blog functionality, then you don’t have to use plug-ins. However, now, probably, there is not a single blog on WordPress where they would not have been installed. Since this allows you to make your blog more convenient and expand its functions and capabilities.
  • Control over SEO. The owner of the site on WordPress always has the opportunity to “keep a hand on the pulse” in terms of SEO-optimization of the resource. WordPress was originally created as a very flexible system in terms of various settings, including those relating to SEO. However, to improve the search engine’s friendliness to the site, you can use special plug-ins, for example, SEO WordPress by Yoast, All in one SEO Pack, SEO Ultima. SEO plug-ins for WordPress are convenient in that they give the user an opportunity to understand what they are for and what they are doing. The site owner can set the necessary settings and options, depending on the chosen strategy for promoting the resource.
  • Simple operation. WordPress has a convenient menu and navigation, easy to understand even for beginners. Thanks to this, the blog can easily customize and improve usability.
  • Updates. Wordpress web design services is a system that constantly offers a lot of updates both in terms of templates and themes and in terms of plug-ins. This allows you to expand the functionality of the site, increase the attractiveness of the design. In addition, there are also WordPress communities, and a large number of forums where you can chat with other users, ask for advice or learn from someone else’s experience.

Why else can I use WordPress

Blogs are not the only sphere of WordPress application. Using WordPress has long gone beyond blogging, as there are templates and plug-ins for many other types of sites: online stores, news resources, adv sites and others. So, what else can you create with WordPress besides blogs?

  1. E-commerce: Despite the fact that WordPress was originally created for blogging, now you can even make an online store on it. To implement this, you need to install several special plug-ins. One of the most common of these is WP eCommerce and eShop. The first is used in the case of creating a large and functional online store, the second – when you need to implement a small project, the so-called “Internet stall.” To create product catalogs on the site, you can also use the eShop plug-in. Another popular plug-in is WooCommerce, the functionality of which provides great opportunities for creating full-fledged online stores. It is worth noting that online stores built on WordPress, as a rule, heavily loaded servers. Therefore, it is better to install them on hosting, some hosting provider even offers special hosting WordPress.
  1. Static sites: These sites include business cards, portfolio, personal home pages of users, some product catalogs and company websites. You can create such sites using WordPress, all you only need to make some special settings. If in the case of the blog, the last entries are displayed on the main page, then in the case of the above sites, you need to configure the display of the static page
  1. Coupon site: The site of coupons and discounts is a great way to earn money in affiliate marketing. To create such a site on WordPress, you need to choose a suitable template. Installing the right plug-ins for the coupon site will not cause any difficulties, especially since you can do it right from the admin area. Several couplings may be needed for the coupon site.
  1. News site: WordPress offers many templates and topics for websites dedicated to media and social media. They have a full functional for sites of this type, which allows you to create an ideal news site for any target audience.
  1. Advertising site: WordPress web design services provides many types of Classifieds plug-ins like WPAdverts, WP Classified and much more to create a site for ads. By having installed one of these modules, you can create a full-fledged website with ads where you can classify ads by category, monitor their ratings and the number of views.
  1. Forum: Despite the fact that for the creation of forums there are many other platforms, WordPress forums are also created. For these purposes use the simple plug-in: Press Forum, which provides all the main features for user registration, discussion topics, search within the forum, etc.

As you can see, the view that WordPress is CMS exclusively for blogs is mistaken, and sites created on WordPress can be almost any direction. Whether you want to brand or promote your business all you can easily do with WordPress web design services. We hope this article gave you enough ideas about the types of websites you can create on WordPress platform.

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