Less is More

You want your website to serve your needs. Full Stop. Whether you want a feature-studded social community or a simple showcase of your small home-business - we build your website according your present business needs.  Everybody wants a tailor-made product suited perfectly to their demands. Let us build your website from scratch and customize it for you.

Developing an effective website is half the job done when it comes to running a business online. Let us worry about setting up your website so you only need to concentrate on your core business. We believe in developing a robust, scalable framework which is easy to maintain. If you spend your money in hiring us to develop an application for you, we make sure that application increases your revenue and reduces significant cost and time overhead.


Our experience in web development have made us realize the value of having a sound knowledge not only in traditional web languages like PHP and Javascript but also more recent ones like Angular JS, Knockout JS among a host of others. Today's trend is all about making development easier and reduce the lines of code - like bundling several commonly used yet critical functions together into advance built-in methods which are exposed to developers willing to use them in their code. Having these at your disposal is one thing but using them effectively is completely another, which needs thorough knowledge of the scripting language and experience in using it to develop websites. We have both! We have specifically enabled ourselves in the latest scripting languages to deliver advance functionalities with less line of code.


The concept of Content Management started as early as 1990 and since then it has proved to be a very essential in managing, manipulating and organizing virtual or digital content on the web. WordPress has been one of the most widely-used CMS over the last twp decades. The major perks of using WordPress is that it's not too 'techy' - the owner or admin can easily maintain the contents of his website without having coding knowledge. Drupal is another modern and flexible CMS platform, enabling site owners to customize their web contents and sites easily and efficiently. With so many open-source Content Management Systems available online, it's easy to get spoilt for choices.


A Web Framework helps web authors maintain, keep and organize their websites by helping them with basic development tasks in a structured manner. Web frameworks are typically based on a particular web scripting language such as PHP. In this domain, Codeigniter is one of the easiest frameworks to use. It's user friendly, can also be installed without hassles, has a wide support and unlike other frameworks, it is fast. Along time, Cake PHP has been developed into a widely-used PHP framework with much better features. Being one of the oldest web frameworks, it is widely popular among both developers and clients. A new framework - Laravel - was released in 2011 and has achieved widespread popularity in a short span of time. Laravel provides modern and advanced features which are generally missing from older framework - such as user authentication, controller support and a packaging system. The major decision is choosing a suitable framework for building your website.

You know your users. You know your business. Its quite obvious that you decide how you want your website to function. We develop exactly the way you want, even the smallest of details - the way you want your users to register or even the way you want the blogs to be displayed. We don't try to sell you a module, rather we make it for you, as you want, from scratch. We know there are lot of frameworks which could enable easier website administration. But when you have chosen us to develop a custom product, we make sure you get it. We develop a back-office to maintain your data. We build our own framework which organizes the coded modules in a meaningful manner. We also ensure the product is light-weight, secure and scalable.

Imagine you are provided with a formula or a template which would guarantee success? That is exactly what can be achieved with efficient development on a framework. Web frameworks are gradually gaining popularity across the development community. We realize its tremendous potential and aim to tap into it as much as possible. Organizing code according to the structure of a framework makes facilitates easier issue identification, code coverage, code review and knowledge transition apart from the obvious advantage of re-usability. Many would argue that any web developer skilled in a particular web scripting language would be able to easily develop a website around a suitable web framework but we believe its a whole new ball game. And we proudly announce that we understand web frameworks better than most, due the sheer volume of work we have delivered on different web frameworks over the past two years.

Who doesn't want to achieve success through the shortest path? But quite often the shortest path is full of unforeseen risks and leads to a downfall rather than success. We ensure this doesn't happen to your business. You need to manage the contents of your site effectively, using an open-source Content Management System. You have probably thought about using a CMS because you don't want to spend considerable time and cost overhead on developing a back-office for managing your site content. We understand where you are coming from. We clearly analyze your requirements and how they would fit into an existing open-source Content Management System. We guide each and every one of our clients in the CMS vertical to choose and implement the most suitable one.