A/B Testing – Does it work ?

A/B Testing – Does it work ?
A/B Testing is the weapon of choice if you want to achieve effective insights from your web traffic, easily and fast. Will there be more conversions if we provide more information or keep the homepage clean and minimalistic? If you are faced with these kind of design questions then A/B testing certainly is your answer.
At Bitzenith we have ran A/B testing campaigns lasting for a week, month or even 6 months. We ran a campaign for the landing page of a design company with 2 different layouts. One had a lot of content and links on services being provided, client testimonials, company history along with a call-to-action button. The other layout was completely stripped of any detailed information but just had the call-to-action button centrally placed where it received instant visibility. The results over a month showed significant improvement in enquiries and conversions on visitors being shown the 2nd layout even though the traffic data was more or less the same. This case study is a very simple example and the results may seem very obvious, but A/B testing quantitatively proves how small design changes add immense value to the brand.
Every company wants to build their brand. Continuously improving and correcting is an integral part of the brand journey. An effective A/B testing practise obviously helps.
A/B testing campaigns help you take design decisions which can be implemented today itself.
Simple, effective and fast. If your A/B testing tools provide these then you don't need to look at complex analytics dashboards and wait on management decisions. A design concept either works or it doesn't. Fail early, fix fast. That is precisely what A/B testing helps you achieve.

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